Emergent Resonance

Emergent Resonance is an interactive sculptural installation that examines the cyclical change of systems through an abstract audiovisual experience. Actions, however small, have the potential to create a compound effect on the larger world when combined with the actions of others. Through many individual actions, larger patterns emerge, which can take many forms - from environmental, to social upheaval and change. A system often reaches a point when it needs to change, sometimes resulting in collapse, followed by the rebirth of a new system. Humans dismantle and reorganize the earth, inadvertently enacting large changes through many small actions. Emergent Resonance looks at conflicting systems and change from an environmental perspective.

The installation consists of three systems, each comprised of abstract audio-visual worlds. Movement in the space adds energy to the systems based on proximity, pushing each to the point of collapse and rebirth. Each system naturally moves towards stability, providing an opposing force to the change created by movement in the space. As a system is reborn, it regenerates itself using a new set of audio/visual parameters. This process intends to embody cyclical change and the notions of emergence, impermanence and change.

Emergent Resonance was previously presented at Sidewalk Festival in Detroit in August of 2017. The proposed version is conceptually the same, and will feature a similar structure, sensing system, and projection content. In this revision, I intend to redesign the structure for better physical integrity and aesthetic appearance, implement rear projection material (version 1 was projected from the front), add an interactive sonic element which was not present in version 1, and increase the number of visual variations in projections.

Note: the music in the video is original, however the audio for the installation is to be determined.

panel stages.png

Approximate Layout: