Moiré Pool

Moiré Pool  | interactive multimedia installation | 2017

Moiré Pool is a digital media based reflection pool where people can gather, interact with and observe a continually evolving sound and visuals. As observers move up to the edge of the pool (a circular projection surface), their movement creates ripples and waves of disturbance in the projected image and soundscape. Similar to the act of waiting for a small pond to clear after one has skipped a stone, if viewers stay still, they will see the settling of the original imagery. The intention is to create a space that rewards stillness and meditative observation, along with action and play.

As part of the 55th Ann Arbor Film Festival's Off the Screen program:

Moiré Pool was created in collaboration with Isaac Levine:

Isaac Levine is a multi-media artist based in Ann Arbor. He likes to explore sound and engagement through interactive installation, sound design and composition. He has installed works at Washtenaw Community College and The Ann Arbor Art Center. He has also worked on installations for venues such as the Detroit Symphony Hall and the D.I.A. with the Detroit art collective ApeTechnology. He has composed music for ensembles such as the Willo Collective and So Percussion. In addition to this, he has recorded/produced music for Joseph Keckler in addition to writing and recording with bands such as The Tusks Band, Dreambag and The Platonic Boyfriends. He also is involved at WCBN-FM 88.3 and does sound for the Local Music Show.