Noise \\ Void (Performance)

Noise \\ Void was a live multimedia performance, and the senior thesis of Simon Alexander-Adams. The show was a combination of live acoustic/electronic music, movement, visuals reacting to audio and dancer, and a projection mapped surface. Touch Designer was the main software used to connect all the technological aspects of show.

Noise \\ Void took place March 21 and 22, 2014 at the University of Michigan Library Digital Media Commons Video Studio.


Simon Alexander-Adams - keyboard, laptop, visuals, set design, direction
Joe Fee - bass
Andrew Hintzen - keyboard, laptop
Jonathan Taylor - drums

Nola Smith - movement
Vicki Huang - visuals
Steve Stavropoulos - visual manipulation

Jacques Mersereau - technical direction, cinematography
Jeff Alder - lighting
Lena Sutter - sound engineering
Carlos Garcia - technical support
Rishi Daftuar - audio support

Conor Barry, Eric Sheffield, Peter Littlejohn - camera operation

Interview and Additional Footage:

Eleanor Schmitt - direction, cinematography, editing