Pisces Pool

Pisces Pool is an interactive installation that was presented at Electric Forest 2017 as part of their plug-in art installation sponsorship program. It features real-time generative sound and visuals that react to the movement of forest explorers as they stumble across it in the woods. The focal point of the installation is a circular projection surface, raised a few feet from the forest floor, and situated in the center of a 5-foot wide custom-fabricated tree stump.

The projections consist of a fluid simulation containing a school of virtual fish that react to the motion of the people who are near it. As observers reach into the "pool", the visuals will ripple and distort as the fish swim away.  If they remain still and tranquil, the fish approach their hands and bodies as the pool settles.


The Team:

Simon Alexander Adams

Jak Vista

Isaac Levine

Kit Parks

Steven Stavropoulos