Press Play


Showcasing original music created for [ PRESS PLAY ], a theatrical dance event featuring a score by modern techno/house music producers and a visual experience of live interactive 3D projections that encircle the entire audience. [ PRESS PLAY ] fuses these two electrifying elements together with innovative contemporary choreography to tell a post-apocalyptic story about the aftermath of World War III and the importance of freedom

[ PRESS PLAY ] is a fictional story set within a video game of a world where a single global government called the New World Order takes over civilization and enslaves them to "better the corrupted world" that existed when people were entitled to basic rights such as liberty and self-determination. The production explores this world surprisingly not so different from our current world.

Crimson Roe | Sean Roel Nederlof | André Araujo Cole | Brennen Scott Cooper | Eddy Lee | Ivana Mendez | Catie Cuan | Mary Carter | Eric Hiraldo | David Yijae

Han Park | RJ Brown | Sadie Yarrington | Jeromy Hunt | Vicki Huang | Max Lansky Rubin | Marguerite Woodward | Mary Clare Blake-Booth | Corey Richardson | Alexander Gentil | Simon Alexander-Adams | Brittany Crowell | Roman Micevic | Jordan Rochelson | Kelly Moran | Kyle Kramer | Nick Leos | Joe Carroll | Ted Stevenson | Travis Ward-Osbourne

Produced by Two Entertainment. Video edited by Simon Alexander-Adams for the sole purposes of showcasing original compositions within the context of Press Play. Video is not representative of the entire work.

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