The Stuff Revolution


Created for Mutek’s "Next Era" contest.

Audio and Visuals by Simon Alexander-Adams
Text and Narration by Scott Crandall
Videography by Zachary Zweifler

The Stuff Revolution is a meditation on materialism and consumerism. It paints a future flooded with stuff, no longer contained, and bursting into the open. It is a much a cautionary dystopian message, as a reminder of our current trajectory. A reminder to think carefully about each Amazon order, each new pair of shoes, and each individually wrapped food item.

Process: The text for "The Stuff Revolution" came first – a previous work by Scott Crandall of the same name – and served as the structure for the audiovisual composition. The chemical-like visuals that open the piece were generated using a method called reaction diffusion, while other liquid effects resulted from various pixel flow experiments. Particle simulations directed masses of “stuff” into whirlpools and chaos. The ending features an infinity tunnel, which made use of a two-way mirror, strips of programmable LEDs, and a bunch of plastic bags. The audio is a mix of recorded samples, granular synthesis, and software synths.