Via Satellite

A video installation by Ann Bartges. 

Role: Composer

"Via Satellite presents choreographed imagery of human arms moving through holes in two opposing walls in cycles of reaching out into communal space and retreating back behind the walls. The video is synchronized to an unsettling musical score that references the sounds of disabled communication such as poor reception and the static between radio frequencies. Via Satellite visualizes how I imagine myself reaching for meaningful connection through online media. Here, this desire for connection is met with a mirrored attempt, but ultimately left with an empty hand. Special thanks to composer Simon Alexander-Adams and performers Bry Anderson, Jon Brown, Jamie Budnick, Mia Cinelli, Chantal Gibson, Aaron Gillett, Jessica Goldberg, Annaliese Hahnel, Stephanie Huang, Kevin Leistner, Allison Miller, Brenna Behnke, Maggie Petersen, Anna Collins Peterson, Mary Scott, and Corey Smith."

- Ann Bartges